Some gracious praise from various clients and employers I’ve been fortunate to work with. Have a read of what they think!

“While at Air Drawn, Kelsey worked on a broad range of client projects across many industries. Her strength lies in her ability to work through a creative process starting with a solid idea and implementing this into a brand, clearly rationalising the creative vision for the project.”

Justin Ebbles, Founder of Air Drawn Industries

“The outcome for me personally, was overwhelming. I was so impressed by the attitude and drive by Kelsey to deliver a website that is truly purpose built and to deliver such a professional website.”

Sue Kennedy, Founder of The Pink Fillies Charity Organisation

“I find Kelsey easy to work with, as after our first chat, she completely understood what my needs are. She listened well and took my past designs and updated them and created new ones according to the changing direction in my own business.”

Sandra Dubs, Founder of My Wholefood Community